Global Mediacom Tbk, PT


Global Mediacom is the largest and the only integrated media, broadcasting, entertainment and telecommunication group in Indonesia with operations that encompass content production, content distribution, television and radio broadcasting, newspaper, magazine, tabloids, telecommunication operator, mobile content aggregrator, value added services provider, and IT system integrator.

In addition, the Group also holds a portfolio of investments that can be converted into financial resources for immediate and future expansions.

The Company was established on June 30th, 1981 and commenced its operations in the trading business. The Company expanded into industrial businesses, with the emphasis on capital sharing in several range of businesses, which include mass media and broadcasting, Telecommunications, infrastructure, transportation and automotive, chemical industry, hotel and properties, as well as financial and investment.

On July 17th, 1995 the Company conducted an initial public offering with subsequent listings on the Jakarta Stock Exchange and the Surabaya Stock Exchange by offering 200,000,000 shares of 20.83% of placement and fully paid shareds, therby resulting in the total listing of 1,017,000,000 shares.

In 2001, following the aftermath of the Indonesian econimic crisis, Bhakti Group came in by acquiring 20% stake of the outstanding shares which were obtained from existing shareholders. Bhakti Group then continued to increase its shareholding through open market and existing shareholders.

In 2002, under Bhakti management, Global Mediacom realign its various businesses to focus on two core sectors, which are Media and Telecommunication and identify non core sectors to be disposed. Since then, Bimantara had completed major corporate, financial and human resource restructurings and its various business units had undergone tremendous changes to improve operational efficiencies as well as strategic positioning in the industry.

In 2004, the Company succeeded in conducting a Limited Public Offering in the frame of issuing Pre-emptive Rights Issue of 360,262,485 ordinary shares with a nominal value of Rp 500 per share at on offered price of Rp 2,500 pershare. The Company had also issued bonus shares in 2006 at 1 to 1 ratio.

Today, Global Mediacom has been growing significantly and it is strategically positioned to be the leader in its industry.(

Security: BMTR
Address: Menara Kebon Sirih Lt. 28, Jl. Kebon Sirih 17-19
Phone: 3909211 31533643900310
Fax: 3909207
Website: Major Industry: Recreation
Exchanges: JAK Sub Industry: INVESTMENT COMPANY
Currency: Indonesian Rupiahs Employees: 66
Fiscal Yr Ends: December Market Cap: 6,195,142,559,544 (IDR)
Share Type: Ordinary Share Outstanding: 15,334,511,286
Country INDONESIA Closely Held Shares: 8,837,529,600
Established 30th Jun 1981 Listing: 17th Jul 1995
Closing Price: 404 (IDR) Data As Of: 25th Apr 2019