Press Release AKSes Card, Investor’s Transparency Key

Published: Fri, Jun 17th 2011, 14:00 by: Kustodian Sentral Efek Indonesia

Manado, 17 June 2011 – Entering the mid-year, PT Kustodian Sentral Efek Indonesia (KSEI) continued the local-scale socialization in order to improve the ownership and the application of AKSes Card.  This time, Manado city was the first city in South Sulawesi that was visited by KSEI team.  The event, which was held at Hotel Sintesa Peninsula Manado, presented President Director of KSEI, Ananta Wiyogo, as the main speaker accompanied by Irwan Ariston Napitupulu (Capital Market Practitioner) and Lily Widjaja as the Chairman of Indonesian Securities Companies Association.

KSEI gave information about the ownership and the application of AKSes Card to the investors in Manado and the media.  AKSes Card ownership as independent monitoring function of investors toward their Securities portfolios has acquired legal fundamental through Bapepam-LK Regulation Number V.D.4.  In this regulation, Securities Companies are required to provide information access to their clients, enabling them to directly monitor mutation and balance of Securities and fund owned in Depository and Settlement Institution, in this case, it is to provide AKSes Card to the clients.  Currently, AKSes Card gets more relevant for investors in connection with Single Investor ID implementation as the requirement for transacting in Stock Exchange.

To the media, Ananta explained the reason of AKSes Card launching.  “As one of the party having the authority to set up regulation in Indonesia capital market or commonly called Self Regulatory Organization (SRO), KSEI always tries to improve Indonesia capital market image, which is transparent and reliable.  Also, KSEI is committed to create information transparency as well as to support the implementation of Corporate Governance in Indonesia capital market industry.  It has become one of our reasons to launch AKSes Card,” he said.

“AKSes Card is an information tool provided for investors to access and monitor data of Securities position online and ownership records of investors’ funds kept in Sub Securities Account in KSEI.  AKSes Card is investors’ rights, and Securities Companies are required to facilitate its making process,” added Ananta.

In responding the issuance of Bapepam-LK Regulation related to Single Investor ID, Irwan Ariston Napitupulu considered it as a positive thing to do.  “Single Investor ID shall become the requirement for transacting in Stock Exchange.  It is time for investors to actively own AKSes Card indicating Single Investor ID.  I always suggest my investor-colleagues to check their Securities ownership regularly in order to make the transactions more easily controlled by the investors,” he said.

Lily Widjaja, as the Chairman of Indonesian Securities Companies Association, added ”One of the basic things in capital market is information disclosure, becoming a demand and primary demand in investing.  In Indonesian Securities Companies Association’s point of view, AKSes Card is an appropriate facility for providing transparent and real-time information to the investors.

By using AKSes Card, investors can check their Securities mutation and position independently and regularly in Sub Securities Accounts they opened in Securities Companies.

“Besides, KSEI continues to simplify the application of AKSes Card through other facilities owned by investors, e.g.: AKSes Mobile features which can be applied in BlackBerry application,” added Lily commenting on the innovations being prepared by KSEI.

In line with the 100% target of AKSes Card ownership in 2011, which is the consequence of Bapepam-LK Regulation Number V.D.4, KSEI intends to improve the AKSes Card application.  Since the beginning of 2011, Manado experienced an increase in AKSes Card ownership by 143% and in AKSes Card application by 50%.  It is expected by KSEI that the socialization can significantly improve the number of AKSes Card ownership and application.  Furthermore, it is also expected by KSEI that Securities Companies can take greater role in conducting AKSes Card socialization.

As per June 13, 2011, there were 633 investors in Manado having Sub Securities Accounts and Single Investor ID.  From such figures, 284 have already owned AKSes Card, but only 64 of them have taken the chance to perform the login. Though it is not 50% yet, Manado is the city with the second biggest AKSes Card ownership among other cities in Sulawesi, leaving it as the 18th city of AKSes Card ownership in province scale with supports from 5 Securities Companies operating in Manado.

AKSes Card is a realization of investors protection that provides positive image toward Indonesia capital market industry.  As the pioneer of Single Investor ID, AKSes Card, which was launched by KSEI, is expected to become a preliminary step for creating a conducive climate and improving investors’ trust to invest more actively in Indonesia capital market.  For information and complaint concerning AKSes Card, please contact Call Center 021-515.2855 or Toll Free 0800.186.5734 or send email to


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