Press Release: AKSes Card, Realization of Investor Protection

Published: Wed, Jun 22nd 2011, 00:00 by: Kustodian Sentral Efek Indonesia

Makassar, 22 June 2011 – PT Kustodian Sentral Efek Indonesia (KSEI) continued the local-scale socialization in order to improve the ownership and the application of AKSes Card.  After visiting several cities since the beginning of 2011, Makassar was the closing city for 2011 KSEI socialization.  The event, which was held at Hotel Clarion Makassar, presented President Director of KSEI, Ananta Wiyogo, as the main speaker accompanied by Muhammad Al Fatih (Capital Market Practitioner) and Adrian Maulana (AKSes Card Ambassador). 

KSEI gave information about the obligation of Securities Companies to provide information access that enables their clients to directly monitor mutation and balance of Securities and fund owned in Depository and Settlement Institution, in this case, it is to provide AKSes Card to the clients.  Besides, information about the function, benefit, ownership, and the application of AKSes Card as Single Investor ID were also delivered to the investors.  Such obligation complies with the provisions as intended under Bapepam-LK Regulation Number V.D.4. released on December 28, 2010.

 In responding to the issuance of Bapepam-LK Regulation Number V.D.4., Ananta Wiyogo considered it as a benefit for investors.  “Now, investors get more comfortable in performing their transactions in Indonesia capital market.  Protection of investors’ data security has been fully supported by Indonesia capital market authority.  Bapepam-LK and we are sure that Securities Companies will be very cooperative in assisting the AKSes Card making for their clients,” said Ananta. 

“KSEI’s previous target concerning improvement of AKSes Card ownership is no longer relevant.  We expect Indonesia capital market investors to be more active in using the AKSes Card owned by performing the login and actively checking their Securities portfolios regularly as an early detection for preventing misapplication of Securities and fund portfolios by unauthorized party,” added Ananta after explaining the purpose of AKSes Card socialization in 2011. 

Muhammad Al Fatih as capital market practitioner as well as Senior Technical Analyst from Indonesian Technical Analyst Association said, ”To invest in the capital market securely, securities companies are now required to provide AKSes Card to the clients.  Then, there is no need for investors to be worried about the utilization of their funds or shares ownership as they can directly monitor them.  Therefore, it is suggested that investors take the benefit of this facility properly and check their portfolios regularly.  For that purpose, let us jointly build a transparent, professional, and qualified capital market. 

Additionally, AKSes Card Ambassador, Adrian Maulana, also gave comments about the reason why investors need to use their AKSes Card.  ”With AKSes Card, investors will no longer depend on reports released by Securities Companies.  They can perform independent monitoring by conducting regular checking through AKSes Card.  This facility provides transaction and mutation records of Securities kept in KSEI Sub Accounts up to the last 30 days.  Recently, cash funds can also be monitored through AKSes Card,” said Adrian 

“Besides, KSEI continues to make innovations to simplify the application of AKSes Card through other facilities owned by investors, e.g.: AKSes Mobile features which can be applied in BlackBerry application,” added Adrian commenting on the innovations being prepared by KSEI. 

Official information concerning the application of AKSes Mobile was delivered by Ananta Wiyogo in Makassar as the closing city for series of first year AKSes Card socialization program.  AKSes Mobile application for BlackBerry can be downloaded by investors through:

  1. for those who use Bold/Onyx/Javelin; or
  2. for those who use Torch/Storm/Storm2.

“In addition to the application for Blackberry, this AKSes Mobile will be also launched immediately for other mobile platforms, e.g. Android, Symbian or Mac iOS,” Ananta ended. 

In line with the 100% target of AKSes Card ownership in 2011, which is the consequence of Bapepam-LK Regulation Number V.D.4, KSEI intends to improve the AKSes Card application.  Since the beginning of 2011, Makassar experienced an increase in AKSes Card ownership by 78% and in AKSes Card application by 41%.  It is expected by KSEI that the socialization can significantly improve the number of AKSes Card ownership and application.  Furthermore, it is also expected by KSEI that Securities Companies can take greater role in conducting AKSes Card socialization. 

As of June 17, 2011, 662 of 1,891 Sub Securities Accounts in KSEI owned by Makassar investors have owned Single Investor ID and AKSes Card.  And only 116 of them have performed the login.  Though it was only 35%, Makassar took the first ranking for total AKSes Card ownership in Sulawesi.  It was due to the existence of 12 Securities Companies operating in Makassar, leaving the city as the 12th city of AKSes Card ownership in province scale. 

AKSes Card is a realization of investors protection that provides positive image toward Indonesia capital market industry.  As the pioneer of Single Investor ID, AKSes Card, which was launched by KSEI, is expected to become a preliminary step for creating a conducive climate and improving investors’ trust to invest more actively in Indonesia capital market.  For information and complaint concerning AKSes Card, please contact Call Center 021-515.2855 or Toll Free 0800.186.5734 or send email to


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